True Touch Typing

(formerly SpahnKeyboarding)

Benefits of Services:

The benefits of keyboarding are clear. The process of learning to touch type leads to:

  1. Introduction to technology and basic computer literacy
  2. Proficiency in typing
  3. Typed standard font eliminates handwriting illegibility
  4. Improved spelling skills
  5. Less time for homework completion
  6. Ability to store, easily edit, share and send documents/assignments
  7. Develops pride in written idea production
  8. Greater thought fluidity

All children will benefit from this in-person program. The individualized classes allow for each child to progress at their own pace. As a result, each child will learn how to touch type without looking at the keyboard at an efficient pace.
Homework practice is done at home and takes no longer than 5-15 minutes.

Class Pricing and Enrollment:

The 5-week program includes 2 classes per week for a total of 10 classes covering 10 hours of instruction. Each 60-minute class has two instructors. Maximum class size is 6 students. Price is $700 total per student ($140 per week).

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For more information, see our class schedule and FAQs.

Fast, advanced typing for those beyond the beginner stage

Advanced Typing Lessons:

Once children have learned the mechanics of typing, they then need to learn to apply that skill to process and synthesize their thoughts and ideas into written form. This is where the Advanced Typing group comes in. We work with children to expand the substance and detail of their writing by increasing their processing speed and fluidity!

Additional Advanced Typing groups to be scheduled according to the needs expressed by typers and their families. We look forward to advancing their typing skills. Please call to enroll your child.

Terms & Conditions / Homework Policy

You will need to sign the Terms and Conditions to reserve a seat in the class for your child. We will send you the electronic form after you have registered your child for a session. The Homework Policy may be signed after the 1st day of class.